As a member of the Arizona Legislature, Vince Leach consistently ranked as one of the very best conservatives in Arizona. Vince led the effort to reduce taxes for Arizona citizens. He fought to reduce the size, cost, and reach of government in our state. He was a consistent leader in the fight for state-based solutions to illegal immigration. And Vince consistently fought to protect our constitutional rights from those on the left who would take them away.

With the left doing everything they can to impose their radical left-wing agenda on Arizona, we need leaders who will not only fight for our conservative values, but also do it successfully.  That’s what separates Vince Leach from conservative pretenders who talk a good game but can’t get the job done. When it comes for passing conservative policy into law, Vince Leach has always gotten the job done.

We are at a crossroads. Do we fight back and elect conservative leaders like Vince Leach who has shown time and again that he will always fight for our shared conservative values? Or do we elect candidates who spending more time talking than getting things done.

If you care about the future of our state and want to see Arizona grow and prosper under common sense conservative leadership, then there’s only one choice for State Senate, and that’s Vince Leach.