With Biden running roughshod over our state, we need conservative fighters who have what it takes to stand up to the left and get things done! In the Legislature, I took the lead in passing the laws needed to allow our state to fight back against the invasion of illegal aliens coming across the southern border. I led the successful effort to cut taxes for all Arizonans. And I never backed down from taking on the radical left and their dangerous socialist policies. As your next State Senator, I will push to give state and local law enforcement the authority to arrest illegal aliens for crossing our border illegally. I will ensure our elections are free from left-wing interference. Most importantly, I will take on anyone who tries to undermine our shared conservative values.

— Vince Leach


Meet Vince

As a member of the Arizona Legislature, Vince Leach consistently ranked as one of the very best conservatives in Arizona. Vince led the effort to reduce taxes for Arizona citizens. He fought to reduce the size, cost, and reach of government in our state. He was a consistent leader in the fight for state-based solutions to illegal immigration. And Vince consistently fought to protect our constitutional rights from those on the left who would take them away.

With the left doing everything they can to impose their radical left-wing agenda on Arizona, we need leaders who will not only fight for our conservative values, but also do it successfully.  That’s what separates Vince Leach from conservative pretenders who talk a good game but can’t get the job done. When it comes for passing conservative policy into law, Vince Leach has always gotten the job done.

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